We are one of California's leading providers of private dispute resolution services,
with an exclusive roster of highly sought after neutrals.

Our Roster of Neutrals includes retired state and federal court judges and highly experienced attorney mediators and arbitrators.

Judicate West was founded in 1993 when local management acquired the West Coast assets of Judicate, Inc., the National Private Court System. Since then, we have grown in both size and reputation. We have offices throughout California and the ability to provide services nationwide as needed by our clients. Innovative solutions, experienced case managers and top-tier neutrals solidify our commitment to excellence as we continually strive to become the gold standard of private dispute resolution.

How do we set the Gold Standard in Dispute Resolution?

  • We work tirelessly to attract, develop and retain a roster of best in class neutrals
  • Our case management team has extensive on-the-job training and are required to pass a rigorous internal testing process to validate their knowledge and competency. Each senior case manager and case consultant is adept at matching clients' needs to the neutral's personality, style and specialty expertise. Our case consultants are required to have fifteen years experience in private dispute resolution, are widely recognized as industry experts, and routinely assist in helping our clients, neutrals, and case managers with their most challenging case management situations
  • Client feedback is an essential part of our quality control process, ensuring our team, products and services exceed your expectations
  • We know your legal community and the climate you have to work in. As such, we can help successfully bring together the right people, at the right time, before the right neutral
  • We invite you to call and learn more about the many reasons our customers have become regular clients who have trusted us over the years to be their ADR consultants and provider of choice on all their cases