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  • Based in Orange County, available in All of California
  • Mediation Only


Since 1999, Troy Roe has been a full-time Neutral and specializes exclusively in Mediation. He has had over two decades of experience resolving all types of disputes, both in Private Law Practice and as Judge Pro Tempore in Orange County Superior court. Through his hard work and dedication at resolving big injury cases with challenging legal issues, Mr. Roe has become one of Southern California's most requested Mediators. For several years since 2002, he has been selected by the Daily Journal as one of California's Top Neutrals. Both plaintiff and defense concur; he is an attentive listener who understands the parties and their issues. He knows how to explore all the legal, business and personal ramifications, and he is especially proficient at guiding parties to reach resolution. Among our clients' comments: "Mr. Roe is knowledgeable, patient, hardworking and accommodating with his time" and "you can really see how much he is dedicated to helping the parties," another attorney commented "He is straightforward and cuts right to the issues and doesn't waste anyone's time." "He was wonderful to work with and I would use him anytime." Troy is a Fellow with the International Academy of Mediators and is a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA).

Practice Areas

ADR Highlights

  • Recognized as one of the top 20 Neutrals by the Daily Journal in 2002 (inaugural year), as well as nearly every year thereafter
  • Recognized by Los Angeles Magazine as a "Super Lawyer" in the field of ADR for multiple years
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Hobbies & Interests

Mr. Roe retired from practicing law to pursue his love of golf and Mediation.

ADR Highlights

  • Recognized as one of the top 20 Neutrals by the Daily Journal in 2002 (inaugural year), as well as nearly every year thereafter
  • Recognized by Los Angeles Magazine as a "Super Lawyer" in the field of ADR for multiple years
  • Receiving the first of what has become regular requests as lecturer in all topics of ADR.
  • Mediating over 7,000 cases to date (and counting)
  • Resolving multiple eight figure settlements


"The most experienced, knowledgeable, straight forward & tenacious mediator on panel."
- Attorney on a Personal Injury Auto Matter

"He evaluated the case properly and spent time with opposing counsel convincing him to properly assess the value of this case."
- Attorney on a Personal Injury Dog Bite Matter

Experience Summary

Legal Career

  • Full-time Neutral (1999-Present)
  • Private General Civil Practice, most recently as Law Offices of Troy D. Roe, (1976-99)
  • Chair and Faculty Member, College of Trial Advocacy (1981-98)
  • Judge Pro Tempore, Arbitrator and Member of Approved Panel of Arbitrators & Mediators, Orange County Superior Court (1981-Present)

Education & Professional Affiliations

  • J.D., Pepperdine University School of Law (1976)
  • B.A., California State University, Long Beach (Cum Laude) (1973)
  • Board Member, Orange County Bar Association (1990-96)
  • Member, Orange County Bar Association; Consumer Attorneys of Los Angeles
  • President & Former Board Member, Orange County Trial Lawyers Association (1987)
  • Member, Board of Governors, California Trial Lawyers Association (1986-89)
  • Former Member, Association of Southern California Defense Counsel
  • Mediation and Settlement Skills Training, Pepperdine University School of Law, Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution
  • Member, American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA)
  • Fellow, International Academy of Mediators

Achievements & Awards

  • Named as one of Southern California's "Super Lawyers" each year from 2013 through 2018, in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution.
  • Mr. Roe was selected by the Daily Journal as one of California's Top Neutral's for almost every year since it's inception in 2002 (including 2014) and was awarded CTL-PAC Chairman's Award for Excellent Service in 1984 and 1985.
  • Additionally, he was honored CTLA Certificates of Recognition in General Personal Injury, Experienced Trial Lawyer and Products Liability.

Legal Experience

  • All Types of Personal Injury Matters
  • Products Liability
  • Professional Malpractice
  • Business/Contract Disputes

Representative Case Information

Recent Representative Cases

Professional Malpractice

Medical Malpractice

  • Medical Malpractice: Plaintiff injured in a bar fight and is rushed to the emergency room. Plaintiff claimed slow response by the medical team caused an anoxic event and brain damage.
  • Medical Malpractice: Plaintiff argued his medical team failed to monitor his sodium levels such that he suffered brain damage.
  • Med Malpractice: Defendants failed to diagnose a dissection of plaintiff's aorta resulting in loss of vascularization of his lower extremities - resulting in bilateral above the knee amputations. Plaintiff is a 68 year old appliance repairman.


Catastrophic Injury

  • Three Plaintiffs suffered multiple individual injuries from a natural gas explosion during the building of an office building.
  • Moderate traumatic brain injury and multiple orthopedic injuries suffered in an unwitnessed fall.
  • Drunk driver who is alleged to be in the course and scope of his employment seriously injures the plaintiff.
  • 6 injured Plaintiffs claim that they were injured due to the poor design of a highway and bus station.
  • Truck vs. Bicycle accident. Plaintiff (age 76) sustained a below the knee amputation.
  • Plaintiff alleged their two-year-old was injured during day care. Major fight on liability and causation. Two subdural hematomas (brain injuries) from two separate "shaking" incidents. Defense denied that the injuries were caused on their watch and blamed family members. Dispute settled in mediation.
  • Young minor plaintiff was injured when she was struck by a passing motorist near a school bus stop. Plaintiff contends that the bus company was negligent in failing to switch on the flashing red lights on the bus, resulting in this auto vs. pedestrian collision. Plaintiff is now in a permanent vegetative state for her remaining life.

General Negligence

  • Plaintiff hit in the head by a cross-bar while disassembling a pergola in a store. The unit was on sale, but only if the customer took it down. Very modest head strike. No LOC. ER diagnosed a concussion and abrasion. Case settled in mediation.
  • A young child was molested by a teenager in a room at the defendant's health club. Claimed lack of supervision by club staff. Emotional injuries including PTSD. Medical billings to date are minimal.

Personal Injury

  • Plaintiff (a minor) lost an eye from the illegal use of fireworks by the defendant. Defendant's insurance carrier refused to settle for policy limits and plaintiff's counsel argued "open policy."
  • Construction site accident.
  • Work place injury. Plaintiff fell from a make-shift scaffold. Defendant alleged comparative fault. Serious ankle fracture.
  • A young child sustains 2nd and 3rd degree burns when a kitchen stove/oven tips over and dumps boiling soup on her. The apartment owner failed to properly secure the range to the floor after replacing the kitchen flooring. Defendant claims partial responsibility on the plaintiff's mother for failing to supervise. Treatment includes multiple debridements and a long hospitalization. Residual scars cannot be revised. Case settled in mediation for 8 figures.

PI Auto

  • Several bystanders were hit at a bus stop by a car, all sustaining significant injuries including a traumatic brain injury. Liability and comparative negligence issues were contested with multiple defendants. Mediated case to settlement for over $6 million.
  • Truck vs. Motorcycle - liability was disputed. Plaintiff was a police officer who claimed traumatic brain injury and multiple fractures resulting in a multi million dollar settlement. Settled for a seven-figure amount.
  • Mediated mild brain injury case involving different insurance issues. Settlement reached seven figures.
  • Auto vs. Motorcycle. Plaintiff suffered multiple leg fractures requiring multiple surgeries. 6-figures worth of medical bills. Disputed wage loss claim. Plaintiff collected a 6-figure settlement from driver's coverage and made this UIM claim against his carrier which settled for 7-figures.
  • Auto vs. Pedestrian with comparative fault alleged. Defendant driver had a a six-figure policy limit and their carrier did not accept Plaintiff's demand. Blunt head trauma, multiple spinal fractures, leg fracture and pelvis fracture. After factoring in medical treatments, the parties agreed on a seven figure settlement amount.
  • Auto vs. Pedestrian. Plaintiff (26 year-old college student) suffered burst fracture in low back requiring two surgeries. Serious bodily scars and future cost of medical care. Settled in mediation.
  • Three care collision. Plaintiff a negligent free passenger in a taxi. Received multiple internal injuries requiring bowel surgery and loss of his job (a 77 year old psychiatrist working for the state). Settled in mediation.
  • Auto vs. Auto: Defendant made a left turn in front of Plaintiff. Injuries included a subarachnoid hemorrhage, wrist fx, bilateral leg fxs, and claimed TBI (with a great recovery). Case settled in mediation.
  • Auto vs. Pedestrian: Plaintiff's injuries included a fractured femur with ORIF and spinal (low back) damages requiring a single level fusion.
  • Bus vs Pedestrian: 19-year-old Plaintiff walking with traffic on the side of the road in a poorly lit area at dusk. Bus driver never saw her. Injuries: Severe brain injury resulting in "locked in syndrome." Life care plan required depending on what the jury believed on life expectancy and future loss of earnings.
  • Young man rendered a quadraplegic as a result of a two car collision. Claim was against a city government for failing to calibrate a stop light so as to allow for a "short yellow signal." In addition, the plaintiff felt the speed limit was too fast for the roadway conditions at the accident location.
  • Main action was against a governmental entity for highway design problems (poorly designed cross-walk near a high school). Injuries: Paraplegia and brain damage.

Premises Liability

  • Plaintiff suffered from a drug overdose. Plaintiff's friend drove him to a nearby fire department and no one answered the door. The friend went to get help and left plaintiff in front of the garage. Defense responded to a fire alarm, opened the garage door and ran over the plaintiff resulting in catastrophic injuries.

Product Liability

  • Products Liability and Negligence action against multiple defendants requiring 4 sessions of mediation. Plaintiff suffered gasoline burns over 40 percent of his body. Settled in mediation.
  • Pool chemicals exploded when mixed. Plaintiff claimed failure to warn. Settled in mediation.
  • Stage collapsed injuring minor plaintiff. Claim was for failure to warn and design flaw in stage itself. Settled in mediation for a six-figure amount.
  • Plaintiff claimed a boom lift manufactured by defendant was "top heavy" by design. Injuries included traumatic brain injury (mild). Settled in mediation.
  • In home steam unit was defectively designed causing burns to both legs below the knees. Settled in mediation.
  • Plaintiff injured while testing a Zipline. Multiple fractures with over six-figures in medical expenses. Settled in mediation for a seven-figure amount.

Wrongful Death

  • Wrongful Death of a 14 year old survived by her parents. Others in the car are also injured.
  • 23 Plaintiffs injured in a bus roll-over. 22 cases settled in a single session of mediation.
  • Plaintiff claimed railroad track guard mechanical failure resulting in wrongful death. Seven-figure settlement amount.
  • Wrongful death of a 64-year-old mother of 5 adult children. Husband previously deceased. No economic losses. Dispute settled in mediation.
  • Death of mother and daughter in apartment fire. Claims of poor fire prevention practices by landlord and faulty smoke alarms. Defense argued that decedents started the fire and that the claimed faulty alarms did, in fact, work.